Celebrating over

30 years of

liberation work



Tū tama wāhine

i te wā o te kore


We wish to sincerely acknowledge the unwavering generosity of spirit of so many innovative, visionary and hardworking people who have contributed to the development of Tū Tama Wāhine o Taranaki, both past, present and future.

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A special thanks to

Mera Penehira

Mako Jones

Marnie Reinfelds

Moewai Aterea

Ngamata Skipper

Rawinia Leatherby

Ria Waikerepuru

Te Aorangi Mako

Te Rawanake Coles

Leonie Pihama

Kura Niwa

Norah Puketapu

Ngaropi Raumati

Matehuirua Limmer

Marie Gregory-Hunt

Ngahina Hohaia

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Tū Tama Wāhine o Taranaki is a kaupapa Māori organisation underpinned by values of tikanga Māori. This foundation informs all our work and is central to the way we encourage active participation and the crafting of relationships and connections to promote reciprocal benefits for whānau. To empower and inspire whānau, hapū and iwi is at the core of our work.

Our initiatives are designed to facilitate opportunities for whānau to gain a healthier understanding about development and liberation, as a tool to assist in the healing from the overwhelming consequences of colonial oppression and historical trauma, in the context of their lives today. The desired outcome is the empowerment of all peoples; creating informed and knowledgeable communities who are in control of their own futures.

Tū Tama Wāhine o Taranaki has over 30 years’ experience providing social justice services successfully across the Taranaki region. However the origin of the organisation dates back to 1881 with te pāhua o Parihaka, the plunder of Parihaka. The message left by our Prophet Te Whiti o Rongomai to the women who remained at Parihaka, after the forced removal of the men, was tū tama wāhine i te wā o te kore. This message was an instruction of vision; both insight and foresight.

This exhibition is about healing ourselves, healing our Tūpuna and healing our whenua; because we are connected, women and land are intimately connected.

This project was not just about celebrating a 30 year milestone. It is part of ensuring Taranaki Māori women are more visible in our own homelands. It is also to highlight the regeneration by Māori women of the art of pūkauae as a traditional healing ritual and practice to enhance and strengthen the identity of mana wāhine across Aotearoa.

This exhibition is wāhine Māori focused to capture a symbol of cultural resistance to colonisation. It projects a strong message about indigenous intent to heal from colonial oppression by using our own cultural recovery art forms.

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Tania Niwa

Taranaki and Te Ātiawa

Tania Niwa was commissioned by Tū Tama Wāhine o Taranaki to provide a product in-line with their unique vision for Pūkauae exposure and liberation in Taranaki. The specific sites of significance and direction were given to Tania, to further showcase and acknowledge the undeniable connections through Pūkauae across our lands.


Tania Niwa



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